If you are restricting yourself to show your hidden talent to the world, then you are on the wrong way. There is no need to shut yourself in a room and only think that you can do nothing. Each person just needs a head start or encouragement to do something special. We, as a society should play a vital role to encourage all people to do something good.

We all are as same, as we are different. We are different but live in a same society. There are many different colors and casts of people in this world. We should appreciate all the individualities of people.

We have one life, so it should not be wasted. If you want to live freely, the ability to appreciate things is must. Our soul has its own mind, it wants to live and move freely but if you try to captivate him; it will be a death of you. There is no joy in living a conformist’s life, try different things and enjoy your life.